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Designed to serve as a barrier against all unwanted natural forces

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The most functional model balaclava ALPHA.
The unique design allows you to adjust the cutout for the eyes, if desired and necessary. Due to the high elasticity of the tissue, a style and a new cutout can be pulled on the chin and thus completely release the face.Crossover cut provides additional insulation in the cheeks and ears. If desired, it can be worn as a scarf, top hat having twisted inside. Max comfortable fit, due to the arcuate side seam on the outline of the head. Wide neckline eye opens an excellent overview. Due to the high elasticity of the tissue, the model sits perfectly for any size head. Soft tissue fleece inside provides a high level of of thermal insulation and maintains a comfortable body temperature, and has a natural ability to absorb moisture and thus dry quickly.

sex unisex
size one
Вес 65 g

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